A history of Truffles as a food delicacy

Truffles are underground fungus in the shape of a rough-skinned potato and are considered a culinary delicacy. They are not so common and are found using the help of trained dogs or pigs. Truffles are a scarce product and are hence can be expensive. But  Italian Food Expo brings you truffle products at reasonable rates making such culinary delicacies affordable.

What Do Truffles Taste Like?

Truffles have various types, and their taste depends upon their species and the region they grew in. Most commonly, truffles grow in woodlands, especially with many oak trees. Some people might describe the taste of truffles as a chocolaty, nutty, and earthy mix, while others might describe it as simply a woody flavour with a hint of mushroom.

Truffle Benefits

You might be surprised to hear that truffles have many health benefits which you might not be aware of. Here are some of the benefits that truffles offer:

Rich In Nutrients

Truffles are perhaps one of the most nutrient-rich items that nature has provided us. Truffles have high amounts of carbs, protein, and saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. But it doesn’t stop here; truffles are considered the complete protein package as they contain all the essential amino acids required for one’s body.

Antibacterial Properties

Though it might sound strange, truffles have antibacterial properties and help decrease the growth of some strains of bacteria. Many test-tube studies of various species of truffles from various areas have shown positive results in decreasing the growth of bacteria. However, further research is needed to estimate the effect of truffles on bacteria taken through diet.


Truffles also have antioxidant properties which help prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, etc. The Italian Food Expo does an excellent job at providing you with various truffles products to incorporate into your daily life and enjoy all the benefits that it provides.

Where does or Truffle produce come from ?

Italian Food Expo has done a remarkable job at sourcing some of the best truffles based products available as well as the truffles themselves. The truffles come from Ascoli – Italy , a region renowned for mushroom and truffle growth. With products such as truffle salt, sliced truffles, truffle oil, cream cheese truffle, and many more, you are sure to find many products that are suitable for your meal time speciality treat.


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